A downloadable game for Windows

Dusk and Dawn is a short, "high danger, low attrition" -model, JRPG-style dungeon crawler I made as a school project over the course of a few months. I mainly wanted to practice producing my own art assets and finishing a working game, though in the end I had to fall back on some of the default assets in RMVX Ace due to time contraints.

The game is rather brutal and cheap, as it will kill a player who doesn't know the incoming attack pattern, or who wanders into a new area underleveled. But it is rather interesting once one gets the hang of it. Using the right abilities at the right time is very important.

Full Soundtrack can be found at:



  • Alt + Enter = Full Screen mode
  • Confirm: Z
  • Cancel: X
  • Dash: Shift
  • Movement: ←↑↓→ Arrow Keys


  • Turn-based battle system
  • 4 characters with unique abilities
  • Dangerous enemies and bosses
  • 2 dungeons, each with distinct atmosphere
  • Day and Night time exploration
  • Original Map, Monster and Character art
  • Original Soundtrack


  • Sami Kaisanlahti (Game Design & Art)
  • Aaro Arvola (Music)

Additional Scripts by:

  • Yanfly
  • Hime Works
  • Modern Algebra
  • Seer UK
  • OriginalWij

Install instructions

1. Download and unpack the zip file.

2. Run Game.exe in the folder.

3. ???

4. Enjoy the game.

If the game fails to run due to music or graphics not being found, downloading RPG Maker VX Run Time Package will fix those issues. You can find it here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run...


DuskandDawn.zip 197 MB